Thursday, September 22, 2011

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I think that people with tattoos are cool! I know someone who got two tattoos on her; one at her back body and the other behind her ear. I almost did one but was told to think again and to choose something meaningful to me. So now I am still doing the thinking, research and reconsidering it. If dad and mum knows , I will totally be dead. HAHA! But it is in our culture right? Orang Ulu with tattoo? You know..those tribal tattoos all over the body.

But I won't get something like that-lah. That is way too much. Maybe something simple and cute. And cool of course.

The broken feather with birds flying freely. Meaning? Freedom? No idea.

This is so cool! But why stars?

Something like this, maybe? :)

Tattoo around your tummy is a no no. I swear you will regret it when you're pregnant when your tummy stretch! The tattoo will 'crack'. LOL

Barcode tattoo.
I always wanted a barcode tattoo! I can go to the supermarket and scan myself! LOL kidding! :p
When I told the tattoo artist that I want a barcode tattoo, he said that it is not a good idea. According to him, the barcode will eventually fade and ends up looking like just a straight black ugly bar. So I changed my mind. Well, believe the expert right? They knows best.


This is nice. Imagine the pain you have to go through to get this kind of tattoo. Damn! Should I? HAHA too much!

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