Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tattoo Design

Tattoo Design

It makes me cringe just drafting this post, but here goes!

Two bands that I honestly can't imagine disliking are Radiohead and Arcade Fire. When it comes to tattoos I like the idea of getting something related to one of them because music kind of shapes who you are etc. and I'd never be embarrassed to admit my love for either.

But then again I also like the idea of getting something beautiful but meaningless, which excuses me from having to explain the 'hidden meaning' to everyone who sees it.

Anyway I typed in 'Arcade Fire art' into Google and found a drawing of a skeleton with wings, in reference to one of my favourite songs 'My Body is a Cage.'

This also has thinspo connotations, and although I don't endorse that stuff, it's been a part of my life and really defines strength and willpower for me personally.

I drew it on my arm just for giggles and I actually kind of like how it turned out.

I like the idea of having a tattoo on this part of my arm as well, because it's still a bit hidden and mysterious but makes a visual statement.

Alison Mosshart from The Kills has a tattoo there and she is something of a style icon:

I'm not sure if I like butterfly tattoos however, and that's kind of what this is. For that reason I won't be getting it, but it's inspired me to try different designs. Something truer to traditional tattoo art perhaps.

I like plain black and white outline tattoos rather than coloured and shaded. Next time I think I'll try a William Morris style floral piece :) Maybe I should try and get a proper hobby too.

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