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Art II Tattoo Art in Japan

Art II Tattoo Art in Japan

"One day I will get a tattoo"

This I would really want, not because its a trend nowadays that everyone wants one to look cool, but because I've always been thinking about it. I find tattoos, most if not all, very meaningful and at the same time an inkling of who you really are.

I came upon the japanese tattoos for research for my portfolio and I was in awe of all the wonderful images that were inked on people's bodies. They aren't the tattoos that follow chinese symbols and latin saying, they're more images that are similar to the ukiyo or japanese woodblock prints.

I recall seeing one of my schoolmates, though I was not aquainted with him, who had tattoos on his left arm that seemed to go all the way to his shoulder. The design were waves like "The Great Wave Off Kanagawa".

What I shall be posting here are the more elaborate ones, so you can see how intricate and detailed their inking is.

The Japanese began tattooing all the way back in the 17th Century were outcast and bandits were the only ones who wore them. They would tattoo their faces to identify them. Later on the higher classes caught on with the art of tattooing their bodies and got them as well. And then tattoos became illegal for a time, save for the Yakuzas who wore tattoos freely and it became a symbol of their rebellious stand against the government. Presently, there are no rules bound to those who want to get a tattoo, save for not being permitted entry in public baths, and are given artistic freedom by society.

Warning: Please be aware that the images are purely for art's sake.

Back Tattoos

I like how each of the backs create a world in itself by housing a tattoos story. I love the different styles and ways they went about in designing the tattoo. The intricate lines and detail can be easily seen since the back is "flat" in terms of looking at the canvas.

Bodice Tattoos

This type is more popular amongst women for the design and visual aesthetic. These tattoos are my favorite because they are located in the areas that women have their curves, thus, it emphasizes the womanly figure. The interesting thing about this is that it seems to crawl on the body, making it more dynamic.

Sleeves / Arm Tattoos

The more popular preference for both sexes. Men would have the sleeve extending to their chests and back, while women have it extend to their shoulders and backs. This type of tattoo is harder to conceal since the arms are the most visible part of the body when clothing is concerned. But for someone bold then it shouldn't pose any problems

Simpler Tattoos

Though There are many variations in design due to personal preference, there are similarities in the colors, the use of fluid lines and character.

I hope you enjoyed!

Arigato Gozaimasu!

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