Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tattoo Design 2

Double cringe!

Second post of the day, second tattoo design. I found a rose/ swallow design that is clever, pretty and traditional. I like it, a lot.

So I traced it off deviantart and taped it to my arm :)

Same position as in my last post:

And again:

It's pretty big, maybe if I scaled it down in size it'd be less scary! Although I do kind of like it, could be a birthday present to myself.

Oh mannn I love skinny tanned inky women! I want to be one haha.

I drew the design on my arm a bit smaller with liquid liner. It kind of worked, but the lines are thicker than I'd want them so the subtlety is lost. It also doesn't look like a rose because it's damn hard drawing it on the inner arm!

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